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May 1, 2009

What Your Money Means by Frank Hanna: A Book Review

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What does Frank Hanna have in common with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet? Besides their wealth, all three are well known for their business approach to philanthropy. Rather than giving in a haphazard way to whatever charity comes calling, all three men have used their wealth in a reverent but carefully planned way to improve the human condition. This is what Frank Hanna teaches others in his book, What Your Money Means: And How to Use It Well.

Frank Hanna challenges the reader to look at the meaning of money and wealth creation in different ways such as money as a vocation, money as a means for giving, and money as a means for generating virtue. He reminds us that wealth is good when used for good and that we feel better when we do not view wealth solely for personal gain but when we act as stewards of wealth loaned from God. He classifies wealth into fundamentals (funds for basic needs) and non-essentials (funds beyond basic needs.) Hanna’s spirituality and Christian beliefs come through in his use of scripture verses to illustrate his points.

In later chapters, Frank Hanna, outlines Ten Rules of Thumb for Gift Giving” as a way to determine the “worthiness of the recipient.” Here, his thinking seems to be in line with Gates and Buffet’s business approach to generating and perpetuating the gift giving process.

Hanna’s expertise on the subject comes from both a strong spiritual belief in leading one’s life with virtue and his experience as a successful investment banker. Active in the Catholic Church and passionate about education, Hanna is active in Catholic education. He is also CEO of Hanna Capital, LLC, an investment firm. He is one of three successful businessmen featured in The Call of the Entrepreneur, a documentary also available as an audio download. He was awarded the 2007 William E. Simon Prize for Philanthropic Leadership and the David R. Jones Award for Philanthropic Leadership.

Get your copy of What Your Money Means: And How to Use It Well (Hardcover, September 2008, ISBN:0824525205) <a href=”What Your Money Means: And How to Use It Well“>online or from your local bookstore.


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  1. The book illustrates a contradiction: how strange that someone who gained his wealth though unethical means could think it appropriate to publish such a book The usurious interest rates charged by CompuCredit — the family business are simply shameful. Further, the Blue Cross/ Blue Shield transaction that looted public assets to lining the pockets of the Hanna family was and still is a scandal. Be wary of those whose new found ‘charity’ is based on the guilt of their past.

    Comment by RJB — March 1, 2010 @ 8:53 pm | Reply

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