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May 26, 2009

Gone Tomorrow by Lee Child

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Gone tomorrow is the 13th book in the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child.  As with previous books, this roller coaster thriller will keep Jack Reacher fans reading well into the night.

Jack Reacher touches a chord in men and women mystery readers alike. Men readers might enjoy the action while women readers might love the embodiment of the powerful protector. You just know you are safe with Jack Reacher. Ex-military cop,  Reacher wanders the countryside, going nowhere in particular and hoping to know the country he once served.  He owns nothing and is never anywhere for very long.  He has a very precise internal clock and sense of timing.  He has a keen power of observation.  Trouble finds him and he is invariably drawn to right a wrong that no one else would. Reacher has no roots.  He has no obligations except to his own code of honor and unyielding need to champion the oppressed.  His enemies underestimate his chess player ability to anticipate their moves. (Although a couple of villainous women get the upper hand in this book.)  His muscular 6’5″ frame can be intimidating,as well it should be, because he is a one man killing machine and yet conceals a soft side for the underdog.  He does not shy away from violence.  Women lose their hearts to him yet know he is a drifter at heart and in the end choose to let him go.

Lee Child is a British writer who has mastered the American landcape and contemporary cowboy thriller genre.  He has indicated that there are to be twenty of these Jack Reacher thrillers. Tom Cruise has purchased the movie option to one of his books.

Gone Tomorrow opens with Reacher sitting in a New York city subway train observing his surroundings. It is 2:00 AM.   He observes a woman whose behavior fits the profile of a suicide bomber (something he learned from Israeli intelligence years ago.)  Reacher’s decision on a course of action propels him into a world of politics, terrorism, intrigue and mayhem.

To enjoy a Lee Child book or any thriller for that matter, you must suspend disbelief, enjoy the formula and go with the flow.  If you liked Dirty Harry, you will like Jack Reacher.  This book is written in the first person which does not work as well as other Reacher books written in the third person.  It contains the usual violence, obligatory sexual encounter, and conflict with law enforcement in all levels.  Sometimes, the formula feels tired, but you cannot help but love Jack Reacher.  Read into the night you will and when he rides into the sunset, you hope another Reacher book is on its way.

Gone Tomorrow by Lee Child released on May 19,2009, is available in hardcover (ISBN 0385340575,) audio CD, or amazon Kindle download.



  1. I too received some criticism for writing my book in the first person. Yet I felt it was the right voice for that particular story. Sometimes I wonder if I should have revised it into the third person. Oh well…

    Comment by ginaswriting — April 29, 2010 @ 7:49 pm | Reply

  2. If the first person voice feels right then it feels right. The comment above was just a reader’s observation of Reacher’s body of work in the third person voice as opposed to his first person.

    Comment by Nora Quiason — April 29, 2010 @ 11:21 pm | Reply

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